Pure Oskar is a beautiful Irish skincare brand that oozes character and charm, characteristics that people all around the world have come to associate with our beautiful little island.

It's a family-run business born from a mum's desire to help soothe her son’s skin. Magda started making her natural soaps when her son, Oskar, was an infant.

Our story started with our boy Oskar, who as a baby, overreacted to mass produced skincare products. They either brought on an allergic reaction or caused his skin to become too dry. We were taken aback by the “natural products” on the market.

Magda and Tony embarked on journey of discovery that involved hundreds of hours of research until they finally realised what worked - goat's milk, honey, cucumber and aloe vera. Thankfully, all their hard work paid off and Oskar’s skin problems were no more.

Pure Oskar was founded in October 2020 (just like Boxable). All of their soaps are hand-made in Ireland - in their Kildare home, to be precise. They are vegan-friendly, low on packaging and with no plastics - one of the many reasons why we stock their products. 

The Curragh Sheep Gift Set

Though we love their entire range of products, we think that there is something very special about their Curragh Sheep Gift Set. Not only is it quirky and unique, the craftsman and creativity is something to behold. 

If you're hosting a conference or event this summer for international visitors, The Curragh Sheep Gift Set is sure to pack a memorable punch.