Corporate Gift Guide

Recognise employees, appreciate clients and support Irish communities

Looking for the ultimate gift for your employees or clients? Whatever the milestone or occasion, our corporate gifting team are here to help.

1. Get In Touch

Are you looking for 50, 500 or 5,000 gift boxes? What event, milestone or occasion are you marking? What is your budget? Get in touch with our gifting team and share the details of your project with us.

2. Choose Your Gifts

Browse our brochure and choose from over 200 locally sourced Irish products. We'll work with you to curate the perfect gift for your team, organisation or clients.

3. Send Your Gifts

We'll deliver your gift boxes deliver to individual addresses or to one location. Each package is tracked, so you'll know exactly when they're delivered.

case studies

Corporate Clients

We are proud to have partnered with and curated bespoke gift boxes for brands like PwC Ireland, Colgate Ireland, Twitter Ireland, BaxterStorey and more. Here's what they have to say about Boxable's corporate gifting experience.

PwC Ireland

In place of their annual Christmas party for kids, PwC Ireland gifted their staff a truly unique treat box. We worked with PwC Ireland to curate the contents of the gift box and to deliver each gift box to 450 individual addresses around Ireland.

Colgate Ireland

We worked with Colgate Ireland to curate a bespoke gift box for their staff to celebrate International Women's Day in 2021. Each gift box was filled with handmade, locally sourced Irish products.

CPL Solutions

We worked with CPL Solutions in 2021 to design a bespoke gift card for their staff. Each staff member received a printed gift card with a unique code, allowing them to curate their own gift boxes.