We're on a mission to transform conference and event gifting. Firstly, Swag bags that contain mass-produced promotional products like pens and water bottles may serve a purpose but they rarely evoke an emotional response in your recipients.

Similarly, adding your logo to a generic product won’t make your brand stand out. Creating a memorable gift that packs a punch requires a lot more thought and consideration.

Secondly, it’s important to remember that the right gift can humanise your brand and communicate your core values. For instance, choosing handmade in favour of mass-produced products communicates your commitment to sustainability and supporting local.

Lastly, there's a story at the heart of each one of our conference and event gift boxes. For example, inside The Delight Box event attendees will find a handcrafted soap bar from Palm Free Zero Waste Irish soap. Kathy and her family first began producing their artisan soap bars in 1996. 26 years later, they still cut their soap bars by hand and brand each bar with a stamp. A remarkable story of a brand way ahead of its time in terms of anticipating today's demand for a plastic free and eco-friendly product. 

The Pretty Sweet gift box comes with a unique handcrafted Curragh Sheep Soap set. It's the perfect Instagrammable gift to capture your event attendee's attention. 

Our Conference & Event gift boxes include: 

  • Gift Box: choose between a Boxable branded or talk to our corporate gifting team about creating a bespoke gift box
  • Irish-Made Products: we sfock an extensive range of locally sourced Irish products 
  • Branded card: add your logo and message to a branded card to welcome your event attendees with a personalised greeting

Our corporate gifting team are here to help you create a memorable gift box for your next conference or event. Get in touch with us HERE