Ei Conference Gift Boxes

We curated 120 bespoke gift boxes for Ei Electronics to welcome members of their Global Sales & Marketing teams to the company's 2022 Group Conference in Adare Manor. They wanted to support Irish producers in their region, Co. Clare and from this "The Banner Box" was born. It contained a kraft box with a branded box sleeve, a branded A6 card, a 13x18cm Cliffs of Moher print, a 120ml 'The Cliffs Candle', a 75g Artisan Chocolate Bar and a handcrafted Seaweed soap bar.

Beige background with four kraft gift boxes on the right hand side with a green and red sleeve wrapped around the box. The text reads 'Building a Sustainable Future'.
Creating a Culture of Recognition

Receiving a thoughtfully curated gift is an emotive experience. It lets your employees know that they are valued and that their contribution is recognised. Crucially, employee recognition programmes can boost employee engagement and increase productivity…but only when executed effectively.

When choosing your corporate gifting partner it’s important to remember that the right gift can humanise your brand. It can also communicate your brand’s core values. Swag bags that contain mass-produced promotional products like pens and water bottles serve a purpose. However, they rarely evoke an emotional response in employees.

Creating a meaningful gift requires a lot more thought and consideration. And that's exactly what went into curating these conference gift boxes for Ei.

Customer Testimonial

We reached out to Boxable to create bespoke gift boxes for a corporate event. Laura and Cate were a pleasure to deal with, tailored everything to our exact needs and we would have no hesitation in returning to them in the future.

Erin Malone, Marketing Executive, Ei Electronics