Cute and colourful plant pots with a smiling face. The pots are pink, green, rust and white. In a world where we source products from any corner of the earth, we choose to source our products in Ireland because supporting local is one of our core values.

We care deeply about the environment and our impact on it. We believe in small batches and handmade. We believe in our supplier's craft, their stories and the businesses they are building. That connection and the sense of community it creates is what drives us. 

Supporting local means supporting your friends, family members, neighbours and the communities you live in. We are so passionate about this and our corporate clients are too. 

Products created by eco-conscious minds.

Our Conference & Event Gift Boxes are made from FSC® certified material and are 100% recyclable. We prioritise quality over quantity and we will always strive to curate innovative conference and event gift boxes that are filled with products created by eco-conscious minds.


In a world where environmental issues are becoming increasingly pressing, it is more important than ever to make conscious and sustainable choices. A great way to do this is to choose gift boxes that are not only eco-friendly but also promote local businesses. Here are five sustainable gift box ideas that can make your next event more environmentally conscious:

  1. The Happy Box is sure to make your event attendees smile. It comes with juicy jellies and a 3D-printed pot planter that's eco-friendly and oh-so-cute. 

  2. Give your event attendees something to talk about with The Treat Box. Inside, they'll find a branded card with your logo and personalised message, a handmade milk chocolate lollipop and juicy jellies.

  3. Pure delight is what your event attendees will feel when they unbox The Delight Box. It's filled with Irish-made goodies. Inside they'll find a sweet-smelling handcrafted soap bar and a tasty Turkish delight treat pack.

  4. Inside The Rise Box your event attendees will find juicy handmade jellies and invigorating bath salts with notes of sea salt, dried lavender flowers and lemongrass. The perfect gift box to take your event to the next level.

  5. Hosting a sporting event? The Sport Duo Box comes with cotton socks and a durable and long-lasting deodorant bar in the shape of a football.

  6. The Pretty Sweet Box is our cutest conference & event gift box yet. It comes with a handcrafted Curragh sheep soap bar and a creamy milk chocolate bar. A gift your event attendees will love.

All our conference and event gift boxes come with a branded card that can be personalised with your logo and message. We can also customise the gift box with an illustration and your logo to bring the theme of your event to life. 

Ready to make a more sustainable gifting choice for your next event? Get in touch with our corporate gifting team HERE