With the onset of the pandemic, more and more businesses have adapted to remote working. As a result, hybrid offices have emerged, where employees can work both from home and the office. 

Hybrid workers now make up 51% of the current workforce.

Hybrid workers now make up 51% of the current workforce, while the remote workforce has reduced by 54% within the last 12 months. This reflects employers’ sentiment that 87% of employees do their best work in a hybrid model. - Talent Leaders Pulse Report, 2023

We've witnessed this change in realtime, adapting both our gift boxes and our delivery options to suit the needs of our corporate clients. Our gift boxes can be delivered in bulk to your office or individually to home addresses...or both.

Need some inspiration on what to send to your employees? Here's a list of 10 gift boxes to inspire you:

  • The Happy Box: a gift box to make your employees smile. It comes with juicy jellies and a 3D-printed pot planter that's eco-friendly and oh-so-cute. It's desk friendly and the perfect gift to add to wellbeing themed gift boxes. 
  • The Onboarding Box: first impressions are so important. Whether your new employees are working from home or the office, our onboarding gift box is the perfect way to make them feel welcomed. It comes with a notebook, a bamboo ball pen and a scrumptious milk chocolate bar. Need branded notebooks? Check out our Custom Corporate Gifting page for more information. 
  • The Give It Socks Box: this is the appreciation gift box to celebration achieving a milestone. It comes with handmade treats and quirky cotton socks. Choose from well-known Irish phrases like 'Absolute Legend' or 'Deadly Buzz' to give your employees a smile. 
  • The Tea Box: hosting a virtual morning meeting? Surprise your colleagues with tea and some tasty handmade treats. If your colleagues prefer coffee, check out The Coffee Box or order a mix of both to satisfy everyone's taste buds. 
  • The Brainstorming Box: the Brainstorming Box is perfect for virtual meetings and fuelling your team's imagination. A notebook, coffee, dark chocolate and a mouth-watering fudge bar, what more could you ask for?

Corporate gift boxes are an excellent way to show appreciation for your employees' hard work. By including Irish-made and sustainable products, you can showcase your support for local businesses and the environment. With these gift ideas, you can ensure that both remote and in-office employees feel appreciated and valued.

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