The Spa Day Box


This box invites you to relax, unwind and indulge in some me-time with three blissful bath bombs, a sweet-smelling lemongrass and cedarwood Spa Day candle, mouth-watering fudge and scrumptious honeycomb chocolate clusters. It’s the best reason to tuck your phone away and hang the DO NOT DISTURB sign on your bathroom door. Gentle and caring, it's the treat you deserve and the perfect gift for a friend or loved one!

What's in The Spa Day Box?

  • I AM…Bath Bombs from Dublin Herbalists
  • The Spa Day Candle from The Irish Chandler
  • 48g Vanilla Fudge Bar from Mella's Fudge
  • Honeycomb Clusters from Skelligs Chocolate
  • Do Not Disturb Sign
  • Hand-illustrated "Treat Yourself" card from Hue Complete Me